Graphic Recording

In a graphic recording (also visual recording, scribing) the spoken word in meetings, seminars and conferences will be documented visually and translated into fitting pictures and metaphors in a visual protocol of the process. With the help of words, pictures and graphs processes will be made transparent and understandable.

The documentation happens live on posters, pinnboards, wallpapers and flipcharts. The graphic recorder listens, filters, extracts and documents the main thoughts and topics graphically without interferring in the process.

In the end – if wanted – the graphic recorder can give a feedback.

Benefit for the participants:

  • Generating of a common understanding
  • Participation in the process
  • Work and culturewide language of pictures
  • Fun while watching the pictures develop


  • Workshops, seminars
  • Conferences, meetings
  • Whole group conferences
  • Brainstorming-sessions


  • Discussions
  • Speeches
  • Presentations
  • Strategie-workshops
  • Brainstorming, creativity-sessions
  • ...and many more

The result will be photographed in the end and the pictures will be send to the participants.
The resuling poster belongs to the customer and e.g. can be put on a wall at the headquarter.

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