Explanation movies

For companies and organizations form education, politics and economy who want to communicate complex topics in an understandable way explanation movies are the modern tool to reach a wide audience and present your unique image. Long year experience in graphic recording, process facilitation and illustration in a wide rage of branches are key of our success.

With my interdisciplinary team of professional screenwriters, film producers and speakers we guarantee expertise in all phases of the production.

In contrast to other companies we don’t work with conventional animation software. Instead we produce hand made individual movies. The outcome is a professional and original explanation movie to present best what is important to you.

Our portfolio:

  • Consulting in style and aesthetics
  • Development of script and speaker texts
  • Development of a convincing storyboards
  • Film production including shooting, cutting, animating and sound (sound design, film music and speaker in german or english language, subtitles in all other languages)
  • Postproduction (colorgrading, sound mixing and video-export in any format)

We look forward to your request and provide you with a tentative and free offer!


„It was an amazing presentation to the board - we could convince everyone with the movie. Thanks again for the awesome outcome and the great collaboration. We will definitely come back to your services when we need the next creative realization!“ „Es war eine sehr gute Präsentation im Vorstand – wir konnten alle mit dem Film begeistern.

Customer, Hermes


Hand-drawn explanation movie in combination with laying technique for Bosch. Topic: product history

Handdrawn explanation movie für Deutsche Bahn Thema: App-Entwicklung (german only)